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          How to distinguish the quality of heavy cartons?

          Date:2017-12-08 Author:hangyupack1.testxy.com Click:

          As an integral part of the packaging material, carton is one of the most popular recyclable materials in the market. But many people don't know how to distinguish the quality of a cardboard box. Today, we have to make a thorough understanding of how to identify the cartons. Let's look at the detailed steps.

          One, look at the object

          First, look at the carton, expand the carton's main body and carton, carefully observe the carton's paper quality, corrugated and carton's appearance, whether there is printing or sticky studs. In small series in carton industry ten years of experience, the carton looked at the appearance often looked glamorous, but gently scraping is broken, so basically can not use carton.

          Two. Look at the weight

          Every weight of a carton is of the most basic specification. The size of the weight can not determine whether the material is good or bad. Today, Xiaobian gives you a hard index. A manufacturer's standard 12, three carton weight is 35 grams. The paper below the carton paper used in this carton is usually made of tea paper. It can't be kraft paper. Pay attention to see whether the marked weight is identical with the sample. There is another key problem. Many manufacturers are very heavy in sending cartons to check, but after they are roasted by oven, the carton will fly away when the breeze is blowing.



          Three. Look at the price

          There are two main functions in price consideration. One is to control its own packaging cost according to its own commodity profit; the two is to verify the manufacturer's manufacturing capability with the price of the manufacturer himself. Xiaobian is engaged in the carton industry for more than ten years. A 12 kraft cardboard box from raw material to manual transportation is less than 0.32. So we must believe in our own eyes and not save money while saving costs.

          Four. See transportation

          The best choice is to buy cartons, and small carton manufacturers are generally budgeted. That is to say, after purchase, purchase materials, processing and production. No matter which way of transportation they are going to buy, they can't arrive in time in time, and they are easy to cause wear and dampness in carton long distance transportation.

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